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Mediation & Workplace Investigations:

My services include mediation, trouble-shooting and Workplace investigations. All of which are focused on accurate identification and resolution of issues and conflicts between individuals and parties; who often have become entrenched in longstanding and hotly contested disputes. Left unattended, these issues have the potential to create significant problems at the bargaining table as well as possible violations of various statutes. All of which can expose both parties to costly litigation.

My services include the review, analysis and resolution of serious allegations of workplace misconduct/harassment/bullying as well as Human Rights and Work Safe BC complaints. I am recognized for the clear, compassionate and fair manner in which I interact with all parties and address their concerns.

Educational Workshops:

In addition, I can design and deliver educational workshops for supervisors’ managers and unions that focus on building understanding of the tools necessary to create and maintain productive and respectful organizations. These include courses on effective leadership within a union environment. Some of the subjects are attendance, grievance handling and progressive discipline as well as a review of the impact of Human Rights legislation on the workplace. Joint union-management sessions are also available.

Compliance with legislation as well as fair and timely resolution of grievances and disputes is fundamental to the psychological health of individuals and the overall morale and productivity of the workplaces in which they operate. I am committed to helping individuals, Unions and Employers with effective and lasting resolution of their conflicts.

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