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Workplace Conflict:

Effective conflict management can best be achieved through early and informal resolution of workplace issues.

Resolution often involves facilitating open and direct discussion between those employees who are directly involved in the conflict. Through this process, the employees are assisted in arriving at a mutually acceptable resolution.

With team-based conflict, it is often necessary to assemble the group to have a safe discussion with a third party to ensure concerns are aired in a respectful and balanced manner. To assist with this, I can:

  • Act as a third-party mediator to support employees in having confidential and respectful discussions and help guide them toward an early, effective and practical resolution; or
  • Coach Managers, supervisors on how to facilitate this process directly (either as mediators or as supports during the mediation).
  • In circumstances where a team is involved in the dysfunction, I can facilitate a meeting to help manage the discussions and assist individuals in the resolution of their ongoing issues. The "team" may be a group of employees, managers, Board members or union officials.

In circumstances where conflict cannot be resolved informally, formal workplace investigations must be conducted. Following such investigations, all employees, including bystanders, must learn to work together and overcome the rumours, gossip, camps and other issues that commonly arise as part of conflict or during the course of its resolution, either through a formal investigation or litigation.

I offer mediations, facilitations and team building sessions to assist with the resolution of post-investigation issues, including return-to-work plans, restoration of team harmony and development of conflict prevention protocols.

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